“Tremble All You Want” (Directed By: Akiko Ooku)
“Harmonium” (Directed By: Koji Fukada)
“Too Young to Die!” (Directed By: Kankuro Kudo)
“Gesu no ai” (Directed By: Eiji Uchida)
“Au Revoir L’Été” (Directed By: Koji Fukada)
“Tariumu shojo no dokusatsu nikki” (Directed By: Yutaka Tsuchiya)
“The Woodsman and the Rain” (Directed By: Shuichi Okita)
“My Back Pages” (Directed By: Nobuhiro Yamashita)
“Hospitalite” (Directed By: Koji Fukada)
“The Chef of South Polar” (Directed By: Shuichi Okita)

and many others…

Theaters in late years

2018 hi-bye “Hikky Sotonidete mita-no”

2017 Sample “Bridge”

2016 Spac “Takaki Kano Mono” (Mr.Furutachi directed it.)

2016 “Rocco Darsow” Reading performance at Goethe-Institut Japan

2015 Sample “Futon and Daruma”

2014 Sample “Basement”

He has worked with Oriza Hirata as a member of Seinendan
for Plays like “Kings of the Road”,” From S Plateau”,”A Burning House, or Shambles?” and others.